“A book for intelligent readers.” ~researchers are loving it!


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2 Responses to “A book for intelligent readers.” ~researchers are loving it!

  1. “When we, as open-minded, independent thinkers, finally muster the courage to question authority, and act upon that decision, the need to perform alternative research will indubitably arise…”
    ~William Hearth
    “We will find ourselves amazed at how certain aspects of history are simply ignored by all mainstream encyclopedias, dictionaries and textbooks; each country, nation-state and its corporatist regime, force-feeding the global population various versions of history as they see fit~ i.e. the version that supports that ruling party’s current private agenda; whereas all the names, places, words and ideas of major significance are being literally written in & out of history on a daily basis.”
    ~William Hearth
    “We will discover that all ideologies and thought processes other than the homogenized package of “pasteurized” thought, touted by mainstream religion and orthodox academia, has been carefully disposed of.”
    ~William Hearth

  2. We trust you’ll enjoy this opportunity to explore forbidden history and that you will hurry to participate in these extended civil and compassionate discussions. Your continued pursuit of truth, through courageous exploration and an in-depth contemplation of the hidden mysteries, are welcome here… We hope all individuals who, are genuinely interested in making actual discovery of truth, particularly as regards the numerous inaccurate descriptions of the many well-known biblical leaders such as Mary Magdalene, Judas Iscariot (Sicarii), Saul (Paul) of Tarsus, and the Essene Community will enjoin our efforts here.

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